The Madeleine McCann Case

I don’t generally pay any attention at all to the “kidnapping of the day” case that the cable news networks have latched onto. That’s just because they all feel so frivolous to me.

There are kidnappings and murders all across the country, every day, so what makes the one involving the “pretty people” that the media has latched onto so uniquely important that they have to talk about it constantly for months?

For the media, it’s nothing more than a particularly gripping form of “reality television.” They find a story featuring some telegenic people, get you interested in the characters, and then hope it turns out to be a roller coaster ride.

Which brings me to the Madeleine McCann case.

Until about a month ago, I had no idea who Madeleine McCann was, that she was kidnapped, or any of the details of the story. However, I was talking to someone and she told me the basics of the story.

* A family goes to Portugal and they leave 4 year old Madeleine McCann alone in their hotel room with a couple of two year olds while they go to dinner nearby.

* When they come back, they say Madeleine was gone.

The person I was talking to was very surprised that the police suspected the parents — which surprised me because if you know nothing more than the two pieces of information given above, the first people you’d suspect would be her parents.


Well, first of all, who leaves a couple of two year olds and a four year old alone anywhere? Britney Spears would even know better than that. So, what kidnapper could plan their scheme around that scenario (Ok, we’ll just wait for the parents to leave all the small children alone in an unlocked room and then we’ll grab one of them!)?

Additionally, the police are now saying that Madeleine McCann may have been killed in the room. Would a kidnapper break into a room, kill a child, and then leave with the dead body? How much sense does that make?

Doesn’t it just seem more likely that one of the McCanns killed Madeleine, dumped her body somewhere nearby, and concocted this whole story to cover it up?

Hopefully, this little girl is alive and kicking somewhere, but it would seem most likely that her parents killed her and all this hubbub from the parents is nothing but an attempt on their part to cover their tracks.

Now, I can go back to my regularly scheduled not paying attention to these kidnapping cases….

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