What’s More Important To The American Cancer Society: Fighting Cancer Or Pushing The Democratic Party’s Agenda?

As I was perusing the Daily Kos, I ran across a recommended diary called, “Right wing targeting The American Cancer Society,” and I thought, “Hey, I’m part of the Right Wing. Let’s see why I should be targeting these guys.”

To be honest, I figured it was probably hyperbole and they were complaining because the government had cut the size or increase in how much money they were giving the American Cancer Society — or something similar.

But, in this case, there is at least apparently one conservative (You can make it two after this article) attacking the American Cancer Society.

Here’s a quote from Elizabeth McCaughey, who is writing from behind the subscription wall at the WSJ,

“Last week the American Cancer Society announced it will no longer run ads about the dangers of smoking and other cancer-causing behaviors and the benefits of regular screenings. Instead, the Society will devote this year’s entire advertising budget to a campaign for universal health coverage. John Seffrin, the Society’s chief executive, said, “[I]f we don’t fix the health-care system . . . lack of access will be a bigger cancer killer than tobacco.”

Sadly, these ads will waste money that should be used to continue the Society’s educational campaign about prevention and detection. The evidence shows that universal health coverage does not improve survival rates for cancer patients.”

It’s really disgusting to see a once great charity perverted and used to further liberal ideological goals, even at the risk of hurting its reputation and alienating half of the US population.

If you’ve given money to the American Cancer Society before, I would urge you not to do so again unless it starts using its advertising budget to fight cancer instead of using it to fight for HillaryCare. Also, if you have given money to them before, I would also urge you to write or call the American Cancer Society and tell them that you can’t support them again as long as they’re promoting a partisan political agenda.

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