“The Man Who Can Stop Obamacare”

My heart did a little flip reading this at National Review.

Now, the special election for the seat is less than two weeks away. It represents the only electoral threat to 60 that Democrats will face until November. Republican Scott Brown is mounting a surprisingly strong bid, trailing Massachusetts attorney general Martha Coakleyby only 9 points in the latest Rasmussen poll. A state senator, Brown is running an anti-spending, anti-Washington campaign perfectly suited to the political moment. Should he win, it could make it all but impossible for Harry Reid to get 60 votes for the current version of Obamacare

Imagine. Just imagine if this man could take Ted Kennedy’s seat, and then be the one who saves us from the health care debacle. It would be just too sweet. Poetic justice at it’s finest.


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Oh, sorry. I got a little misty eyed there for a moment.

I hadn’t heard about Scott Brown until a few weeks ago: when I got a facebook message from him asking for support. I clicked on his website and was: very impressed. He is the perfect candidate. Great experience, right on all the issues, great family, and goodlooking. The whole package. So, I wondered why the GOP wasn’t screaming this guy’s name from the rooftop. Imagine how shocked I was to discover that the: national GOP and the NRSC have donated: a measely: $50,000! To compare- the RNC gave $1 Million: to Dede Scozzafava: in the infamous NY-13 special election: campaign. And all they got for their: trouble was a loss and: Scozzafava becoming a Democrat. : 

Now we have a candidate that is truly a Republican conservative that is: only trailing by 9 points in a run for Ted Kennedy’s seat! Add to that that, winning would mean blocking this health care bill being pushed down America’s throat!

Good grief. What is wrong with the GOP???

What do we do? We do what we have been doing. Effecting change on our own, and letting the GOP know that we aren’t going to let them stay the establishment party they have been.: Things are changing around here. The GOP can hop on the train or be left at the station. At this point, I really don’t care.

So all of you reading this go to Scott Brown’s website and contribute.: Do it NOW.: Then: pass this around to twitter, facebook, your websites, and e-mails. Call into radio shows. GET THIS MAN THE MONEY HE NEEDS.

Time is of the essence.

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