The Many Sides Of Pres. Obama

I know you guys who are left leaning get tired of my criticism of Pres. Obama. Frankly, I get tired of it too. When I wrote the post about Obama giving the order to kill Osama, it was nice to be able to say he did something right. As far as releasing the picture of Osama goes, I really don’t care if they show it or not. But once again Obama seems to have turned a good thing into a confusing thing. This is his main problem. He decides everything by committee. But it’s worse than that. He just rolls all over the board, like an old pinball machine.

Conservative don’t like to admit that they are glad he kept the Bush policies on the Patriot Act, wireless wiretapping, rendition, and keeping Gitmo open. He kept the same military team that Bush had. All that was good. When he gave the order to shoot the pirate, we were surprised, but glad. Now, with Osama, it’s the same. We can hardly believe Obama had it in him. But the problem is that his moral compass is all over the place. The left wants to get upset at some of his policies, but they don’t want to rock the boat. They are happy with the way he pushed his health care bill through. They are happy with his action on DADT.

I think John Ransom at Townhall says it best:

Obama’s a guy who publicly campaigned against the very policies he is now supporting from Attabad to Gitmo to Yemen.

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He gone from the extreme of a candidate arguing that enemy combatants should enjoy the same rights of presumed innocence that alleged criminals receive, to a president signing the assassination order of an American citizen in Yemen under non-combat conditions.

One can argue the merits of either case plausibly.

But it takes a special type of moral ambiguity for the same person to argue wholeheartedly for both cases at the same time.

Obama has that kind of moral ambiguity.

I don’t see a leader. I see someone who focuses on what will make him look good at the time. Being President shouldn’t be about oneself. I think that is my biggest problem with Obama.

That being said, I am tired of being disappointed by him. I’ll be one of the few that lays off for at least a week. I’m going to put Obama away, and focus on other things and other issues. Maybe this will give me time to complain about some GOP things I don’t like. Because there are many, they just have always paled in comparison.

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Update: A must read. These are the details leading up to the Osama mission. 6 MONTHS leading up to it.

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