The Nannystate Aims Another Strike At Children

The liberal ninnies that have been able to take control of the schools have, in some cases at least, already banned tag and touch football and now they’re coming for the slides,

For half a century youngsters have enjoyed the 10ft slide in the playground, with no more serious mishap than the occasional bruise or grazed knee.

Many of the parents bringing their children had themselves played on the towering steel structure years ago.

…The slide was fenced off last summer while investigations into a nearby collapsed drain were carried out. It has now been dismantled amid concerns that it could cause serious injury.

A spokesman for Birmingham Botanical Gardens admitted yesterday that parents had complained about the decision – but confirmed that the slide will not be coming back.

Instead, officials plan to install a safer replacement with higher sides, when a suitable model has been identified for the playground in Edgbaston, a stone’s throw from the city centre. Local Conservative councillor James Hutchings said: ‘It’s completely mad the way we are being run ragged by the health-and-safety mafia.

‘Children are not going to learn how to judge risks – or how to have fun – if challenging play equipment such as this is denied them.

‘If there hadn’t been an accident in 50 years then the chances are there’s not much wrong with this slide.’

It’s a pretty good trick that the Left has pulled off here and overseas.

No tag, no touch football, no slides, mediocre education, global warming propaganda and gay propaganda, and trying to build self-esteem in kids in every way humanly possible except actually having them become good at things.

Every generation, the Left makes public education ever more mediocre, and yet, because they’re so interested in brainwashing kids and funneling money to their union allies, they’ve managed to convince people that they’re the ones who care more than us eeeevvvviiiilllll conservatives who, unlike the libs, are all about improving the quality of children’s education and helping them prepare for life.

Hat tip to Moonbattery for the story.

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