The Never Ending Palin Drama That MUST Be Made Public

Bristol Palin is sueing Levi Johnston for sole custody of their son, Tripp.

A judge overturned a previous ruling that the case remain closed to the public. Really? Seriously? Who wants to make bets that the judge is a Democrat? I bet she just giggled over the fact that she had the power to drag this soap opera out in public even more than it already has been.

As I have said before, Levi Johnston is the poster boy of what happens when teenage girls let their hormones rule over their common sense. Is there a support group for teenage girls left at the labor room by irresponsible hot guys? There should be. When will these girls learn? Only THEY have to deal with the consequences of pre-marital sex. Levi seems much more interested in Paris Hilton type fame than in being a father. He will milk this for all it’s worth.

Sad for his son. Sad for Bristol. Some lessons that are learned never end. This is one for Bristol.

As for Sarah Palin, the media and the court system delight in embarassing her. I mean, you never heard the court case involving Al Gore’s son getting arrested for going 110 miles an hour with an assortment of drugs in the car, or what happened after Joe Biden’s daughter was arrested for obstructing a police officer or after she was arrested for possession of marijuana. I never heard what happened after John Kerry’s daughter was recently arrested on a DUI either.

It’s just like when the press and comics could not let go of the Bush twins partying because they ordered a margarita once while in college, when they were not yet 21, but while Clinton was President, Chelsea Clinton partied and was photographed stone cold drunk passed out, and only the British press published stories and pictures.

It seems only Bush and Palin get this kind of treatment.

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