The Newest Thing In Coffee

Apparently there are coffee shops hoping that scantily clad women will do for coffee what Hooters has done for chicken wings:

“Coffee-stand owner John Cambroto couldn’t compete against the beautiful bikini-clad women selling espresso up the road.

“We had a much better atmosphere, good coffee. Unfortunately, they ran around half-naked and we didn’t,” said Cambroto, who finally threw in the towel last spring and sold his business to his rival, the operator of six Cowgirls Espresso stands in the Seattle suburbs.

The naughty baristas of Cowgirls Espresso represent a new trend in and around Seattle – perhaps the most caffeinated city in America – and illustrate how cutthroat the competition can be in the hometown of Starbucks, which has multiple coffee shops competing on the same block.

Among the other coffee stands that are showing some skin: Moka Girls in Auburn, The Sweet Spot Cafe in Shoreline, Bikini Espresso in Renton and Natte Latte in Port Orchard.

…Lori Bowden, the owner of Cowgirls Espresso, opened her first stand, by the entrance to the Silver Dollar Casino, four years ago. Law and other employees suggested doing “Bikini Wednesdays.” Bowden approved, and her stand immediately doubled the amount of money it was taking in – from $200 to $400 – on Wednesdays.

“Fantasy Fridays,””School Girl Thursdays,””Cowgirl Tuesdays” and “Military Mondays” soon followed. The stand now rakes in about $800 a day, Bowden said. The girls make minimum wage, plus $80 to $150 a day in tips.”

Originally, I was thinking, “Gee, they can’t be making that much money in tips serving coffee,” but $80 to $150 a day isn’t chump change spread out over an 8 hour day.

Now personally, I don’t drink coffee, but if you’re a guy and you do, I can certainly understand wanting to have her bring it to you:

…or maybe her:

then there’s her:

Still, you’ve gotta ask yourself, will this catch on in other businesses since it seems to work? Is this proof that sex sells? Is this just an excuse to slap up pics of attractive women on RWN?

The answer to all three of those questions is obviously, “yes,” which proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt that, …you know I think the first one is just a little hotter than the third one and both of them just edge out the 2nd one. What do you think?

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