The One Where a Lesbian Likes My “Reagan & Bush” Shirt

Full disclosure: John Hawkins insisted I post this story to share with you all after I’d told him via instant message.

Picture this: I’m working at a coffee shop near my house, but I don’t exactly fit the mold. Don’t get me wrong: I love the place and I work there a couple days a week now. There’s a great atmosphere. But, I don’t look the part today. I’m wearing a t-shirt that says, “The time is now. Reagan & Bush 1980.” (Available for purchase here.)

In an email detailing this scenario early this morning, my boyfriend laughed and suspected that before noon today, a coffee-shop hipster might strike up a conversation with me about indie music or my favorite book, thinking that I was wearing this shirt as, in his words, “a way to mock the excesses of the 1980s” or in protest of being born a child of the Reagan years.

Well, he was right. But the hipster who hit on me was a woman.

She struck up a conversation with me about how she thought my shirt was hilarious and, without much prompting, went on to explain that she spent much of last night watching old political skits from Saturday Night Live. I tried to end the conversation and go about getting my coffee refill, but she kept going, urging me to “rush to a computer” to watch a couple specific skits of Bush 41 and Clinton. The content of the conversation was innocent enough, but the look in her eye and her tone of voice indicated that she was definitely hitting on me.

…And so concludes the story of the time I was hit on by a woman while wearing my “Reagan & Bush 1980” shirt.

(John–of course–asked, “Was she cute?” To which I replied, “Nominally, but she’s not my type.” You know, because she’s a she.)

Update: I should have clarified. When I say I am “working at a coffee shop,” I mean I’m working for my clients I consult, sitting with my laptop, just to get out of the house for a bit because I now work from home. I’m not employed by the coffee shop.

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