The Top 20 Non-Eye Candy Links For Conservative Grapevine In September

20) Cracked: The 5 most baffling spin-offs in television history

19) Michael Goodwin: Barack Obama’s big blunder

18) Karl Rove: Obama can’t win against Palin

17) Cracked: 6 baffling mistakes every movie criminal makes

16) Ann Coulter: They gave your mortgage to a less qualified minority (Excellent)

15) Ben Stein: Everything you wanted to know about the credit crisis but were afraid to ask

14) The New York Post: Obama’s former spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright, is at the center of a sex scandal

13) WorldNetDaily: Jessica Alba’s seduce-the-vote campaign. Actress makes raunchy, topless, bondage ad to get young people to polls

12) Moxie: The city of LA: No McCain banners allowed on private property!

11) Spengler: How Obama lost the election

10) Wolf Howling: Palin vs. Obama in pictures.

9) Mother, May I Sleep With Treacher?: Here’s why Sarah Palin will get killed in the debate, pt. 1

8) Jalopnik: The best South Park license plate ever

7) Cracked: 8 classic movies that got away with gaping plot holes

6) David Kahane: I hate you Sarah Palin

5) Five Feet of Fury: This is the worst anti-Sarah Palin t-shirt yet. (Link corrected)

4) Patterico’s Pontifications: “If Big Media doesn’t pick up on this story, it will confirm every suspicion we have ever had about their bias.”

3) Libertarian Republican: One graphic that shows you what Sarah Palin does to the Obama campaign.

2) Hotline on Call: Check out this pic of the wall at Sarah Palin’s parents house. Wow.

1) Unknown: An awesome Sarah Palin button.

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