The Peril Of Ignoring The “Funny Hat” Rule

Near the end of his campaign, Fred Thompson got grief for refusing to wear a fireman’s helmet because he had a “funny hat” rule. However, it’s a wise policy — and one that shouldn’t just apply to hats, as you’re about to see.

Barack Hussein Obama creates a pic that will forever be included in those fake “Did you know he’s secretly a Muslim” chain letters.

Of course, it could have been worse. At least Obama wasn’t dressed up in Muslim garb and standing next to one of the most notorious terrorists of the 20th century.

Comparatively, this is a tame pic and one that is similar to others taken of high ranking Republican women, but Pelosi caught a lot of flack for it because she had no good reason to be in Syria, gabbing with America’s enemies.

Then there’s this pic from a man who was later to drive much of his own party insane on illegal immigration,

But, at least Bush wasn’t doing this,

Last but not least, we have the grand-daddy of them all,

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