The Pornification Of “Glee”

The controversy over the GQ photos of the “Glee” actors illustrates exactly what I was talking about the other day in my post on liberal culture. (1st link NSFW)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at the link (NSFW). It’s a series of photos of two of Glee’s female stars with one of their male stars. While the male actor is fully dressed in each photo, the girls are dressed like prostitutes fulfilling a pedophile’s wildest dreams. The girls are dressed in lacy bra’s and barely there panties in various poses in a High School, licking lollipops, and spreading their legs in the locker room.

Just lovely.

Look, I get it. This is a men’s magazine. They get to print what they wish. And I am sure this will sell a ton of magazines for them. But let’s not pretend that this is anything but soft porn.

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Naturally, I hate porn. I think it’s evil. But we live in a free society and if that’s what people want, then who am I deny them? The problem with this is how we are mainstreaming porn, and sending the message to our young girls that this is a perfectly acceptable way to be attractive to boys. We are no longer separating the porn (which I would hope we would protect our kids from) from the mainstream.

The most pathetic part? One of the best things about Glee is that it shows a bunch of misfits in high schools who really are the stars. It teaches us that even if people aren’t the best looking or the most popular they have a lot to offer. Young people EAT UP this show. EVERYONE loves it. The actors are widly talented. Some of the best voices I have ever heard.

So what do these incredibly talented actors do? They take these same high school characters and turn them into sexbots. It’s the opposite of what the show seems to be saying. In the show we don’t look at the girls just as sexual objects, Their talents far outweigh that. But in these shots, they are only sexual. Let’s not use the argument that these actors are adults. We know that. But they play high school students, and the photos are not them as adults. They are shots of them playing high school students. That’s the sick part no one at GQ seems to be getting. The actress Lea Michelle isn’t just posing for pictures as Lea Michelle. She is posing for these pictures as Rachel Berry, her character on Glee, who is a minor.

The actresses have every right to be in as many slutty photo shoots as they wish, but they shouldn’t be surprised at the backlash. It is beyond me why, given the enormous singing talent both these girls have, they still feel a need to be objectified. But that’s Hollywood. The sad thing? All those young girls out there, talented in many ways, athletically, academically, or artistically are being sent the message that those things aren’t nearly as important as how sexed up you can look. The message to boys is that no matter how talented, smart, or great your girlfriend may be, she still needs to sex it up for you. And we wonder why kids are so confused.

It might not matter so much if this show wasn’t such a huge hit with young people. It really does speak to the lonely in all of those who feel that way in high school. But this kind of thing just reduces it to sex. Don’t think for a moment that every Glee fan on the planet hasn’t seen these pictures.

Given the pedophilia aspect of it, GQ, and the girls should be ashamed. And don’t argue that the actors are adults. We all can clearly see they are playing high school characters. We all know that this is typical dress for those pervs that desire the younger set.

So you might ask, what do I want? What I want is a society that thinks things through, and doesn’t always give into our selfish adult desires. Can’t we separate the adult from the child? Can’t we have freedoms while still protecting our children? No, I don’t want a law. I just want adults to consider the full impact of what they do. I want all of us to send a message to Hollywood, TV, movies, and music, that a line must be drawn. All reasonable people know we have crossed it. We can only send that message with our pocketbook. So, let’s stop buying the smut.

Can we do that?

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