The President’s Speech in Arizona

The President’s speech last night on the tragedy in Arizona was very good. He said all the right things. I was pleasantly surprised and grateful.

The crowd, on the other hand, was completely inappropriate and wrong. It would be fine to cheer the fact that the Congresswoman who was shot had opened her eyes. We are all thrilled with that news. But the constant cheering and yelling was disrespectful to the families that lost loved ones and don’t have anything to cheer about.

The intern that helped save the Congresswoman was honored, as well he should be. But he was on Fox and Friends this morning and said that the cheering was about celebrating life. Was he and the crowd forgetting the ones murdered? It seems in all of this they have forgotten them. Those families had no reason to “celebrate life,” and this was for them too. But you couldn’t tell that by this crowd. Shameful really.

It’s too bad the crowd acted so badly. The President did a good job in saying the right things. But the entire episode left a sick feeling in my stomach. Have some Americans forgotten how to act in times of tragedy?

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*I might add that having many college students there is no excuse. They should know how to act at a Memorial. Also, who ever decided that giving out T-shirts was a good idea should be fired. that helped give it the feel of a political rally. Really bad idea.

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