The Pro-Wrestling Take On Illegal Immigration Part 2

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth noting that the illegal immigration debate has gotten so hot and heavy that it has actually spawned professional wrestling characters.

Last night, when I was watching TNA wrestling via TiVo, these guys had hung a dummy up in the ring that looked like Uncle Sam and they were caning it while their leader, Konnan, ranted about America and white people (Incidentally, if you’re trying to make pro-wrestling fans hate you — and they were — that’s a pretty good way to go about it).

Whether you’re a fan of pro-wrestling or not, it’s worth your time to watch the video above because the characters appear to be nothing more than a personification of what people didn’t like about those illegal immigration rallies. Listen to the rhetoric that they use and keep in mind that when a politician supports comprehensive immigration reform AKA amnesty, a significant percentage of the American electorate will see it as nothing more than a thumbs up to the sort of thing they’re hearing from those wrestlers.

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