Quote Of The Day: The Mainstream Media’s Selective, Pro-Liberal Protest Coverage

“So much for strength (or newsworthiness) in numbers. Inside Wednesday’s Washington Post, reporter Michelle Boorstein covered a tiny protest inside the Hart Senate Office Building yesterday, where 35 were arrested. Last week, as many as 35,000 people protested in New York in support of Israel and against Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, featuring speakers like U.S. Ambassador John Bolton and Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel — which the Post ignored.

The Boorstein article, complete with cover photo of a protester being removed in handcuffs, was strategically placed on A-14, just above the continuation of a heartbreaking article on the first female West Point graduate, a local woman, being killed in Iraq — also accompanied by a color photo, of the burial. Boorstein reported on the Hart building protest in a typical way, where no one in attendance was the slightest bit liberal: “Dozens of police streamed into the atrium and arrested about 35 people, including Rick Ufford-Chase, who until recently was a top official of the Presbyterian Church (USA).” — Tim Graham

35,000 people rallying to support Israel? The Washington Post thinks it’s not even worth a mention. But, if a few anti-war protesters get together? For that, the WAPO comes running. That sort of selective attention, that always seems to be somehow favorable to liberals, is just standard operating procedure in the mainstream media.

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