Ann Coulter & Pervez Musharraf On Violence And Diplomacy

From Ann Coulter in her book, Treason,

“No matter what the evidence, liberals insist that only their tender ministrations are capable of calming murderous dictators. Negotiation and engagement are said to “work” because, after Democrats spend years dillydallying with lunatic despots who threaten America, eventually a Republican president comes in and threatens aggressive military action. In a fascinating fifty-year pattern — completely indiscernible to liberals — murderous despots succumb to “engagement” shortly after a Republican president threatens to bomb them. This allows liberals to hail years of impotent negotiation and engagement as a foreign policy ‘win’.”

In related news,

“Pakistan’s military ruler, Pervez Musharraf, says he contemplated war with the United States in 2001 but opted instead to forsake the Taliban and become President George W. Bush’s ally.

“I war-gamed the United States as an adversary,” the Pakistani leader wrote in his martially titled memoirs In the Line of Fire, published yesterday. It apparently didn’t take the general, then an international pariah for having staged a coup to toppled his country’s democratic government, very long to conclude that Pakistan would lose.

“The answer was a resounding no,” he wrote, having concluded that the world’s most powerful military would wipe out his forces, destroy his nuclear weapons, wreak havoc on Pakistan’s threadbare infrastructure, help India seize disputed Kashmir and then turn to his archrival in New Delhi for the support and bases it needed to topple Afghanistan’s Taliban regime.

In the days after suicide hijackings destroyed New York’s World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon, Mr. Bush warned that countries harbouring or helping terrorists would share their fate.
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At the time, Pakistan backed the Taliban’s Islamic government in Kabul. In the book, Gen. Musharraf says former U.S. secretary of state Colin Powell called him with an ultimatum, but the Pakistani leader has also said that one of his aides was bluntly warned by a top U.S. diplomat that Pakistan would “be bombed back to the Stone Age” unless it sided with Washington.

Mr. Bush’s administration has denied having made such a threat.”

Do you know what the difference is between pre-9/11 Pakistan and Iran, Syria, and North Korea? Not much, really. The moment that the thugs and fanatics that run those countries become afraid that they might end up dead as a result of tangling with us, they’ll start to get interested in making nice. In other words, like it or not, when you’re dealing with hostile dictatorships, diplomacy and potential violence go together like eggs and bacon.

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