The Reality Of Modern Politics, We Go After Each Other

So, a White Plains newspaper, The Journal-News, published the names and addresses of every licensed pistol permit holder in three New York counties.

Just unbelievable. It just proves the: sanctimonious self righteous attitude of liberals like the publisher and reporters that see the ends justifying the means of their agenda, even if it invades the privacy of citizens. She honestly thought that creating an interactive map with the names and addresses of gun owners, as if they are like sexual offenders, was a great idea.

Well, what goes around, comes around in the age of new media. This blogger decided to post names and addresses of the editor, and anyone who is associated with the story. : On CNN this morning she is showing no remorse, she says people have a right to know who has gun in their neighborhood.

See how politics works now? We used to go after each other’s candidate. Now, we go after each other.

Even Jim Brady said on CNN that publishing the names of gun owners was the wrong way to go, but we don’t listen to level heads anymore.

I can just imagine these counties now. Angry gun owners calling the editor and reporters at their homes, and neighbors refusing to be friends anymore with someone who owns a gun.

It is all so sickening. It was sickening to use the deaths of children for a political agenda to begin with, forcing law abiding citizens to defend their Second Amendment rights at at time when they only wanted to be silent and honor those who had died.

Now, this smug elite media type decides she knows best, and is going to “out” all the gun owners.

She should be ashamed. Anyone who participates in calling or invading the privacy of : another person, on either side in this, should also be ashamed.

I realize the social media makes it easy to go after people we disagree with, but that doesn’t make it right.

It. Isn’t. Right.

I know there is much frustration. One side believes something completely different than the other, but as a civil society we sit down and we talk it out. We don’t resort to Junior High meanness.

I am about fed up with all of politics. I’ve never been as SICK of it in my life as I am now, and I have been in it ALL my life.

This is the time we should be focused on our families. We should be focused on our country getting through this terrible economic time, and terribly sad time.

Focus on what matters. Don’t focus on anger, pettiness, and self righteousness.

The media needs to decide what it is going to be in the future. Is it going to be what it is supposed to be? Reporting fairly both sides? Or is it going to continue to promote a liberal agenda? Because as long as it does the latter, then other news organizations will pop up, like Fox News, that reports on the conservative side, and we have no unbiased reporting whatsoever.

So, decide media. It’s up to you.

If the liberals current political fight continues as “divide and conquer,” then I congratulate them. They are winning. They won the Presidency that way, and they continue to win that way.

But what a price America is paying for that. Neighbor against neighbor. Friend against friend. Brother against brother.

Again, Congratulations.

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