The RNC Convention Protests

There was less coverage of the liberal wackos protesting the convention than I had expected this week, in part because the NYC police did a fantastic job of keeping them under control, but also because the mainstream media has undoubtedly figured out by now that putting these nutjob lefties on TV only helps the GOP.

But here at RWN, we love the crazies, the commies, & the anarchists who come out to rant against Bush and talk up their beloved Democratic party! That’s why I wanted to put together just a few of the protester lowlights for the week for your enjoyment…

“Police said more than 1,760 people have been arrested in a week of convention-related protests, a record for a U.S. political convention.”

“Suddenly a group of perhaps a dozen materialized, chanting and carrying a banner that read “Free John Hinckley” Their slogan: “F— Reagan! Go home!” They moved down the avenue at a very fast pace and were gone as quickly as they arrived. Between their chant and the bicyclist’s shirt, we really started to wonder how anyone can call President Bush inarticulate.”

“But individual protesters kept tensions high, some of them hissing or cursing at well-heeled couples heading to popular Broadway musicals like “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and “Fiddler on the Roof.”

“Republican murderers go home and kill your babies!” one young man yelled at theatergoers, a far cry from local public service messages urging New Yorkers to “make nice” to party delegates in the city for the four-day convention, where Bush will be nominated for another four-year term.

A second protester shoved a middle-aged woman in a black cocktail dress, shouting:

“B*tch, go home! We don’t want you here!” At one point, police cordoned off a city block after several dozen demonstrators jeered and razzed the incoming audience.”

“A featured performer at a National Organization for Women rally accused President Bush of having “savagely raped ” women “over and over” by allegedly stealing the 2000 presidential election.

Poet Molly Birnbaum read aloud to a crowd of feminists gathered in New York’s Central Park on Wednesday night, as part of a NOW event dubbed “Code Red: Stop the Bush Agenda Rally.”

“Imagine a way to erase that night four years ago when you (President Bush) savagely raped every pandemic woman over and over with each vote you got, a thrust with each state you stole,” Birnbaum said from the podium. (If something is pandemic, it affects many people or a number of countries.”

U.S. Rep. Major Owens, a New York Democrat, warned a crowd of feminist protesters that the Bush administration is taking America “into a snake pit of fascism.”

Owens also said the Bush administration “spits on democracy” and is leading the country down a path reminiscent of “Nazi Germany.”

Owens made his remarks in New York City’s Central Park at a National Organization for Women rally on Wednesday night.”

Nice group of people, huh?

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