The Rumble At The Huffington Post

Over at The Huffington Post, Cenk Uygur had this to say:

“Okay (Michael) Smerconish, show me how tough you are. I challenge you to a fight – verbal or physical. I promise to kick the living sh*t out of you, either way. I’ll stand in for all the people you call sissies and you stand in for all the tough guys – and let’s see what happens.

I’m not trying to be clever. I’m being literal. I look forward to kicking your *ss. Al Franken once pulled a maneuver like this, so it’s not like I think that I’ve come up with some new gimmick. I’m being serious. You choose – either a debate on foreign policy or a fight (UFC rules are fine with me). Show me how tough you are.

You see, I don’t think you’re tough at all. I think you’re a little coward who is ready to give up all your rights at the first sign of trouble. You’re so scared of big bad Al Qaeda, you’re willing to cede your liberties to George Bush because he promises to protect your sorry *ss. Millions of men have died protecting our freedoms, but you’re so frightened by a bunch of guys in a cave in Afghanistan, you’re willing to give up many of those freedoms they died for. I am repulsed by your weakness.

Smerconish (the only name in America that might be more ridiculous than mine), you half man, half pussy — come out, come out wherever you are.

Violence is seldom the answer. But it is in this case. An organized, controlled, consensual beat down. You agree to fight me, and I agree to crush you. Of course, I don’t want anyone getting the wrong message. I am not advocating vigilante justice against idiotic conservative talk show hosts. I don’t want anyone else to kick Smerconish’s *ss. Just me.

I will give you any length of time you would like to train. In the meanwhile I will continue to drink beer and eat fried chicken. I will let you pick any city you like. And I will simply show up and deliver the *ss kicking of your life to you in that city.”

After reading that, the first thing you’re probably thinking is: “Who or what is a Cenk Uygur?” Apparently, he’s one of the most successful liberal radio hosts in America, which is why 99% of the general public has never heard of him.

But, on to Mr. “I’m copying Al Franken” (And is that really ever a good idea?). This sort of fake, tough guy crap is always an embarrassment, but usually it’s left to third graders and 135 pound weaklings in the comments sections of blogs, who like to claim that they’re black belts who were thrown out of the Marines for enjoying killing too much.

Challenging someone to get into a fistfight over the internet is particularly lame because no one is going to drive cross country just to throw hands. Especially, when they’d only be fighting Cenk Uygur. I mean, if Smerconish beat up Cenk Uygur and told people about it, their only reaction would be: “Who’s Cenk Uygur?”

In any case, challenging people to fight because you disagree with them over politics, whether you’re liberal or conservative, is really lame and it’s actually beneath the dignity of even the Huffington Post to run this garbage.

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