The “She Woman Men Hater’s Club”

Michele Catalano wandered into a — I don’t know exactly how to describe it, other than a “man hating store” — and had a visceral, negative reaction to the experience,

I don’t understand women who go out of their way to express their hatred of men. I have two ex husbands and I’m not anywhere near as bitter or angry as some of these women. Do they think this passes for humor? Because I’m sure if some guy in their office had a mug that said “Shut up when the men are talking” the same woman who has the above mug on her desk would claim she’s in a hostile working environment.

One of the other mugs said “I don’t cook, clean or put icky things near my mouth.” Well, you are one fine catch, lady. Way to advertise that you should be avoided at all costs. Other mugs:

I only fake it so he’ll buy me stuff.
I love sensitive men. they’re easier to take advantage of.
Platinum digger… when gold just ain’t enough.

Humor. I get it. I’m supposed to giggle in solidarity when I see one of these, like I’m in on some big inside joke reserved just for women.

But I’m not giggling. I’m repulsed by it, instead. I have absolutely zero respect for any women who prides herself on being a b*tch or hating men, mainly because I know women like this and they are, to the very last one, incredibly self centered. They all hate men because they can’t find one to love them, but who the hell wants to love someone so full of negativity?

Listen, I’m not saying women are there simply for housework and sex or to cater to their men. I’m just saying, don’t advertise the fact that you are a cold, uncaring b*tch. Then again, these are probably the same women who have “Queen B*tch” bumper stickers on their car.

I know some women probably think this stuff is cute, but to me it’s like a flashing warning sticker that says, “Has anger issues with men — stay away, stay away, stay away!” One of the reasons I work for myself is because life is too short to have to spend a lot of time around difficult people and people who have this kind of crap? They’re inevitably difficult people — then, they kvetch and complain, “Gee, every guy I meet is a jerk. There must be a problem with men!” Yeah, right. Let’s see, every guy you meet is a jerk, but every woman isn’t having this experience, so is the consistent factor here that “men are all jerks” or that you’re such a pain in the behind that you bait men into acting that way? I’m betting on the latter.

Incidentally, this isn’t just a female problem. There are guys who wheel out this same, sad, line of horsecrap about women. “Oh, women are all naggers, who are only after men for their wallets — and why are we expected to buy them dinner?”

Here’s some advice: grow the hell up. Most women aren’t b*tches, most men aren’t jerks, and if you think they are, the problem is most likely you. Your rules, your expectations, your behavior.

Yes, you can sit around and complain that life isn’t fair. Men get patted on the back for having sex with lots of women while women get called sluts for behaving the same way. Men are expected to buy women dinner and open car doors for them. Well, guess what? Life’s not fair. Somebody should have told you that in 1st grade. It would have saved you a lot of angst.

Here’s another newsflash: the guy in your office or the girl who lives next door to you didn’t design the rules either; so it’s not their fault if you feel your gender is disadvantaged. For that matter, your gender isn’t that disadvantaged. The grass is just greener on the other side of the fence. Personally, I’m glad I don’t have to pop out babies and women should be glad that it’s considered to be perfectly societally acceptable for them to stay at home if their husband makes enough money. If you think that’s unfair, it’s ok to point it out, but if you sit around all day and stew about it to the point where you become embittered towards the other gender, you only have yourself to blame.

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