Welcome To Toss-Up Ville

Despite the fact that Barry is getting even more fawning coverage from the mainstream press than usual, is raking in the money, has more enthusiastic voters, and has the political winds at his back, he’s essentially tied with John McCain right now.

Take a look at the latest numbers from Real Clear Politics and you’ll see what I mean.

Start with those numbers, throw in a dash of Bradley Effect, and it would be a coin flip if the election were held today.

Now, take into consideration the fact that McCain swamped O-Bo-Bo in the Rick Warren quasi-debate this week-end and that there will be more debates coming up, that Obama still isn’t effectively reassuring people that he’s competent to be President, and that McCain is not going to be as far behind Obama in money down the home stretch as a lot of people thought, and this is turning into a very winnable race for the GOP in a year when we should be getting blown out.

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