The Summer of Recovery Never Arrived

On June 17th Vice President Biden joined Robert Gibbs at the regular news briefing to talk about the “Summer of Recovery.” He said, “more people are going to be put to work this summer.” He also said private-sector jobs will make up the “vast bulk” of the jobs created by the stimulus act.

Now, here it is, the end of summer, and things are not quite working out the way the administration hoped. The summer of recovery never arrived.

ABC News:

After months of withering job losses and weak economic growth, summer was going to be the season of recovery, the Obama administration heralded in June.

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Thousands of infrastructure and construction projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act were to come on-line during June, July and August, helping to “create jobs for American workers and economic growth for businesses, large and small.”

The White House dubbed it “Recovery Summer” and President Obama declared the economy had begun “growing at a good clip.” Vice President Joe Biden predicted weeks earlier that creation of 250,000 to 500,000 new jobs a month could soon be on the horizon.

But with summer quickly coming to an end, those jobs gains and a robust economic recovery have not yet materialized, leaving Democrats on the verge of a fall election campaign in which Republicans are poised to make them eat their words.

This is one of those time where you hate to say “I told you so,” because so many Americans are hurting. So many warned. So few in D.C. listened.

President Obama said last week in Ohio. “And a lot of it’s sort of like recovering from an illness. You get a little bit stronger each day and you take a few more steps each day.”

The problem is that while recovering from the illness, Doctor Obama was giving us the wrong medicine, and making us worse. And it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop giving us the wrong medicine any time soon.

We can only hope for a new “doctor” with the right medicine before we slip into a coma.

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