The Swiss are wise.

At least, as long as you don’t read too far past the first few paragraphs of this story, they’re wise.

GENEVA — The result was emphatic: Swiss voters don’t think abused animals need to have their own lawyers.

It’s a proposal that would never even come near a referendum in other countries…

Interjection: depends on which countries. I have little doubt that a sizeable minority in this country would love to give animals the right to a lawyer.

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End interjection.

…but the measure’s defeat Sunday disappointed animal rights advocates, who say Switzerland’s elaborate animal welfare laws aren’t being enforced.

Opponents of the proposal, including key farmers’ groups and the government, had argued that existing laws are sufficient and appointing special lawyers to act on behalf of animals would be unnecessarily expensive for taxpayers.

No kidding. There are lawyers in this country who make their money by filing lawsuits on behalf of the Americans with Disabilities Act. They don’t even need a client. Betcha this would be something right along those lines.

The Swiss are wise to reject it.

Oh, but:

Switzerland tightened its laws two years ago and now has among the strictest rules anywhere when it comes to caring for pets and farm animals.

The country’s 160-page animal protection law states exactly how much space owners must give Mongolian gerbils (233 square inches) and what water temperature is required for African clawed frogs (18-22 degrees Celsius; 64-72 degrees Fahrenheit).

It stipulates that pigs, budgies, goldfish and other social animals cannot be kept alone.
Horses and cows must have regular exercise outside their stalls and dog owners have to take a training course to learn how to properly look after their pets.

I believe that was called the Keep the Bureaucrats Busy Act.

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