The tale of the tapes

The tale of the tapes

Redistribution of wealth

If the majority in the media would actually tell the American people the truth the race for the presidency would not even be close. Mitt Romney would be crushing Barack Obama if the media even had a shred of objectivity.

Over 90% of the media are nothing more than campaign surrogates for the Obama Campaign Team. The alphabet stations, their affiliates, CNN, and MSNBC are so biased in their coverage that it is not only despicable, but blatantly obvious. This is not some new revelation either; nor is it even a shock to the American people.

According to a September 21, 2012 Gallup poll, 60% of all Americans distrust the media. The number of Americans who distrust the media is now at an all time high. The American people understand that the garbage the leftist media tries to shove down our throats as news is filled with lies, distortions, and half truths.

Nothing could make this point any clearer than the recent coverage of the two tapes that have recently surfaced.

The first tape, allegedly shot by the unemployed grandson of former President Jimmy Carter shows Mitt Romney speaking at a fundraiser in which he accurately says that 47% of all Americans do not pay taxes. He then goes on to say that because of this fact the President has a cushion and a built in advantage. His only mistake in this comment was his articulation which the candidate himself acknowledges. What he should have said was that out of the 47% that don’t pay any taxes a percentage of those are retired living on social security, the elderly or infirmed, or those in society with special needs.

The fact of the matter is according to our United States Treasury Department the top 50% of all income earners pay 96% of all the taxes. By contrast, the bottom 50% of all income earners only pays 4% of all the taxes. So in reality Mitt Romney’s comment was correct. The sad truth is Barack Obama has succeeded in growing that number over the past 4 years. More people than ever before are dependent upon the government then at any other time in our nation’s history.

The next tape was from 1998 featuring the President speaking at Loyola University in Chicago. In it the President states that he is in favor of redistribution of wealth. This concept of taking from the rich and giving to the poor is so foreign from what our founding fathers believed. When you take from the rich you give the rich less incentive. When you give what you have taken to the poor you make the poor more dependent. Nobody wins.

This was not the first time a socialist collectivist comment was spewed from the mouth of the great redistributor in chief, and sadly probably won’t be the last. Barack Obama has had a history of making these types of statements because this is what he believes. He famously told Joe the Plumber in 2008 that he wanted to “spread the wealth around.” He recently told a group of supporters in Virginia that, “If you have a business, you didn’t build that, someone else made that happen.”

The shocking part is not that Barack Obama says these things; the shocking part is that there are a large portion of Americans who buy into and believe this garbage. The President’s utter contempt for anything other than big government programs is nauseating. This disconnected anti-Colonialist will stop at nothing to fundamentally change this nation. Defeating Barack Obama this November will not be an easy task because most of the media will cover for him and a majority of the electorate is not paying attention.

The media is doing everything they can to help Barack Obama get reelected. Every chance they get they try to spin, deflect, or refuse to cover the issues that matter most. While Libya and Egypt have erupted in protests and violence; the media is more concerned with the timing of Mitt Romney’s statement about the uprising. Our Ambassador in Libya was dragged through the streets, sodomized, then murdered and the media was busy reporting about the timing of Romney’s statement? Are you kidding me? This is a total dereliction of duty on behalf of the empty suits gallivanting around and masquerading as serious journalists.

The Media Research Center, which is a watchdog group that tracks and monitors bias in reporting shows just how bad things are. According to the Media Research Center’s president Brent Bozell, the Obama and Romney tape stories were covered drastically different and completely unfair. From Tuesday evening on the 18th till Thursday morning on the 20th; ABC, NBC, and CBS ran 34 stories on the Romney 47% tape which totaled 1 hour and 7 minutes of cumulative time spent on the story. By contrast, those same networks ran only 6 stories on Obama’s redistribution of wealth tape for a miniscule 6 minutes and 28 seconds. The media even tried to trivialize it and discount it by saying it was from 1998. The only reason they ran the story at all is because some legitimate news organizations from the new media forced them to.

So which is worse? A presidential candidate who speaks the truth about the sad state of affairs our country is in with regard to government dependency? Or a sitting President who wants to change this free and prosperous nation into one that is less competitive, less free, and more miserable? You would think the choice is pretty easy.

It is estimated that only about 30% of the entire population pays attention to political news on a relatively frequent basis; and that number is generous. Yet when they do decide to tune in over 90% of what they hear is leftist propaganda. These folks then go to the polls with their heads filled with leftist dribble and cast uninformed and unaware votes that have serious consequences. When more people in a country vote for who should be the next American Idol winner than who should be the next President you know the country is in trouble.

The reason Barack Obama’s policies and beliefs are so controversial and divisive is because no President in our history has been this radical. He is by far the most polarizing President we have ever had. Americans have been taught for generation after generation that free markets, capitalism, and entrepreneurship were what made this country great. We find ourselves being told just the opposite from this administration. Instead of celebrating success this administration demonizes it. Instead of leading the free world from a point of strength this administration leads from behind and apologizes to our enemies.

Here is what some of our founding fathers thought about socialistic and collectivist ideas.

Thomas Jefferson- “A government large enough to give you everything is also large enough to take everything away.”

Benjamin Franklin- “Those who would give up liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

John Adams- “A constitution of government once changed from freedom can never be restored. Liberty, once lost is lost forever.”

If you go to Google and put in the search bar Great Socialist Leaders in History you will find a pretty scary list. The list is as follows: Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Zedong, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jung Il, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and believe it or not Barack Obama. That is some list to be associated with.

I’m not saying that the President is as bad as all these notorious leaders. What I am saying is that the President’s beliefs are similar to many of the men on this list; and that is scary enough.

For those of you who are reading this and are part of the 70% that doesn’t pay attention to politics I urge you to educate yourselves before you vote. I highly recommend you see 3 new movies that have recently come out. The first one is called 2016 Obama’s America. This movie is an interpretation of Barack Obama’s own book Dreams from My Father. Contrary to what you may have heard this is not a right wing hit piece. In fact much of the movie is narrated by Barack Obama himself.

The second movie is called The Hope and The Change. This is the story of 40 voters who supported Barack Obama in 2008 but will not be in 2012. These are disillusioned and disappointed Democrat and Independent voters. They bought into the hope and change rhetoric whole-heartedly and definitely did not feel they got what they voted for.

The last movie is the late Andrew Breitbart’s last gift to freedom. Occupy Unmasked is a frightening and compelling look into the radical Occupy groups in America. These groups believe just as the President believes that big business is evil and greedy and that corporations should have their assets seized and their companies shut down. Like our President these folks believe in the radical redistribution of wealth.

Education is the key to defeating the left in America. The new media is starting to do that. The internet is now a source for information that used to be monopolized by the alphabet stations on night time television. Things are starting to turn around but not fast enough. When the vast majority of media outlets refuse to tell the American people the truth it is easy to see why this presidential race is so close. Hopefully there are enough Americans still left in the swing states especially who are not fooled by this impostor. The Obama Campaign’s message is believe me not your own eyes. In order for him to win he needs to convince just a small majority of Americans that he needs more time and that nothing he has done has been his fault.

The President is counting on 3 things to get him reelected. A leftist media with no fair objectivity, an uninformed or unaware electorate, and finally enough people dependent on government handouts. Let’s just hope that the voters this November are smart enough to see through it.

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