The Teflon President

If Barack Obama ever decided to take up acting he would be perfect for the role of The Godfather. In the famous movie Don Corleone was loved and admired as well as feared. He was a powerful man who kept his family close and his enemies closer.

Like The Godfather nothing ever sticks to Obama. No scandal is ever big enough to engulf him and no controversy is ever close enough to touch him. He has so many feints, jukes, and spins he could make the great Barry Sanders jealous.

But like in The Godfather eventually the untouchable succumb to their own greed and power and eventually must face the consequences of their actions.

Since Obama took office there has been one new scandal after another. This president has proven to be quite remarkable in that department.

For the sake of my readers I will not list them all. If I did there is no way they would ever fit into this one article. I will just touch on a few and the ones that I think really should stand out.

Let us start with Fast and Furious. I am not talking about the popular action movies of the same title. I am referring to the gunwalking scandal that has recently been uncovered.

Since 2009 The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms aka the ATF has been running a program called Operation Fast and Furious. The sole purpose of this program was to allow “gunwalking” which means allowing guns to be purchased by suspected arms traffickers working through straw purchasers on behalf of the Mexican Drug Cartels. The ATF agents were instructed to “watch, report, and observe” the transactions but not stop them. This obviously disturbed many of the agents who were given strict orders not to stop the sales of these weapons. The purpose was to try to find out who the major players were and take down entire cartels rather then a few high ranking soldiers in the cartels.

However when border agent Brian Terry was shot and killed near the Arizona-Mexico border the investigation turned up that the gun that was used to kill agent Terry was traced back to the Fast and Furious program. Soon after we learned that thousands of guns that were purchased through Fast and Furious were responsible in over 200 murders of Mexican citizens.

During questioning at a Congressional hearing in May of 2011 Attorney General Eric Holder said, “That he was not aware of the program and only found out about it a few weeks ago.”

Unfortunately this was not the truth. In October of 2011 evidence surfaced that showed indeed the Attorney General was briefed on the program long before his testimony at the hearings. Holder’s response, “I’m sorry I did not understand the question.” Sure, and my dog ate my homework.

So who were the fall guys? A few ATF whistleblowers got “reassigned” and another was asked to resign. The only person who should have resigned is Eric Holder.

Soon after the story subsided the Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee which is an oxy moron in and of itself came out with their own report on Fast and Furious.

The Democrat’s report which was called Fatally Flawed- Five Years of Gunwalking in Arizona was nothing more then a political life preserver thrown out to save an already sinking ship. The real title should have been lets blame the whole thing on rogue ATF agents in Phoenix and the Arizona US Attorney’s Office because that is exactly what they did.

According to that report Eric Holder knew nothing and therefore he could not be held responsible for the Fast and Furious program. Once again Barack Obama was unscathed by this scandal even though he and his attorney general likely knew about it.

The next scandal that is worth mentioning is Solyndra. Solyndra was an alternative energy company that manufactured solar panels for commercial buildings in Fremont, California.

Solyndra was given under controversial and special conditions, a loan for $535 million dollars. The Obama Administration was so eager to fund the loan that they overlooked numerous warning signals that the Congressional Budget Office pointed out showing the company was not financially sound. Despite these findings the administration signed off on the loan.The Administration was touting the fact that this company will create 4,000 new green energy jobs. If my math is correct that is a whopping $133,750 spent per job to create only 4,000 jobs?

That should be a scandal in itself!

Soon after the completion of their new manufacturing plant Barack Obama along with his energy secretary Steven Chu visited the facility. During a meeting with high ranking executives of the company Obama famously said these words. “Solyndra is a successful model of government investment in green technology.”

On August 31, 2011 Solyndra filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and laid off 1,100 employees. The company folded and shut down all of its operations.

After the fall of Solyndra a Congressional investigation revealed a lot of troubling facts. It was discovered through subpoenaed emails and documentation that the Obama Administration knew that the company was not financially sound. The investigation also discovered that many of the shareholders were large donors to Barack Obama’s Campaign and several of them visited the White House on numerous occasions according to the visitors logs at the White House.

Did this scandal really ever touch Obama? Not yet at least. Will he have to face the consequences? Will the GSA scandal and Secret Service scandals fall at his feet? Time will only tell.

The warning signs were always there from the beginning. There were the questionable associations of Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger, and Tony Resko. There were the strange behaviors like not putting his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegience or voting “present” more times in the Chicago Senate then all of his colleagues. The sealing of his Harvard Thesis and Occidental College transcripts the list goes on and on and on.

So how did despite all these warning signs this person become President of the most powerful country in the world? To millions of Americans including myself it is a mystery.

Was it the fact that a large portion of White voters wanted to see a Black President to rid themselves of the guilt they felt from the dark days of slavery? Or was this the first ever American Idol winning presidency whereby the issues did not matter as much as how the candidate looked as he said what he was saying; not the substance and meaning behind his words.

I believe he was elected by a perfect storm. The media told us how bad Bush was for eight long years even though seven of those years saw the greatest economic growth in our nations history. The collapse of Lehman Brothers and the financial markets made the country very nervous and the media made John McCain out to be too old and out of touch; and Sara Palin as to inexperienced and to far to the right.

So the American people crossed their fingers and some their hearts and elected a candidate they knew absolutely nothing about, except he was offering “hope and change?”

As the old saying goes, elections do have consequences as we have painfully found out.

The good news is that this November the people of America can fix their mistake. They are angry and feel mislead. They know they are not better off then they were four years ago and they will send this president a very loud message come November.

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