The top ten bombshells from Sarah Palin’s new book

1. Katie Couric was totally hitting on her before their interview.

2. McCain really only picked her for Veep in an attempt to make Mrs. McCain jealous (it worked).

3. It also made Meghan jealous.

4. The boots are left over from an old Nazi Mistress costume.

5. Sarah was the quiet mousy girl nobody ever noticed in high school until the head cheerleader made a bet on whether or not she could turn her into a quarterback-dating hottie which she did so well that Sarah actually displaced her as the school’s queen bitch but also caused Sarah to estrange herself from her real friends until both she and the head cheerleader discovered that being popular is only as important as the people who love you.

6. Andrew Sullivan is Trig’s father.

7. In the Star Trek evil alternate universe, she is Nancy Pelosi.

8. She doesn’t really need glasses.

9. Todd is a cyborg from the future, waiting for the name Levi Johnston to appear in the phone book.

10. Her plan for total world domination is right on schedule.

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