The Top Ten Movies Liberals Would Want To Screen In US Embassies

Yesterday, I put out the Top Ten Movies We Should Screen In US Embassies to give foreigners a little taste of what Americans are like and how we think via our movies.

Now, here’s a list to help give people an idea of how liberals view America and the world,

10) On Deadly Ground: The hero, Steven Seagal, murders like 50 oil rig workers and is still treated like a hero as he does a preachy speech about the environment at the end.

9) The Motorcycle Diaries: Go Che go!

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8) Hoot: Eco-terrorism for kids!

7) V for Vendetta: Huzzah for terrorists as long as they wear cool masks and use a lot of words starting with “V”!

6) Syriana: CIA agent George Clooney saves a good hearted Saudi from the evil Americans!

5) Munich: Terrorists and people who fight them: what’s the difference?

4) Bowling for Columbine: Apparently the Columbine massacre was caused by the military or Republicans or Charlton Heston or something.

3) Wag the Dog: The movie that proved all wars are organized by politicians looking for a distract or a popularity boost.

2) Brokeback Mountain: An American cowboy movie — liberal style!

1) The Day After Tomorrow: Americans are hit with massive ice storms caused by global warming and have to go live in Mexico.

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