The Truth About The Cultural Elite

Victor Davis Hanson at his finest:

Note that the elite, secretly at least, understand that no one should take them all that seriously. A Guantanamo was a Stalag under Bush but now a mere complex dilemma, and not to be shut down under Obama (e.g., one of those released terrorists might show up in Brentwood).

Affirmative action means taking a law school spot from some hard-working white clueless guy from Idaho State or a nerdy straight-A Asian kid in San Mateo, not from a well-connected elite who has the contacts, family lineage, or money to side-step state-sanctioned discrimination. (Has anyone heard a wealthy liberal demand an end to legacy or other such special admittances based on criteria other than merit? Or for that matter, complain that tuition rises faster than the rate of inflation or that part-time lecturers are treated less well than Wal-Mart greeters?) Hating charter schools and teacher merit pay does not mean sending Johnny to the D.C. schools during a government sabbatical in the Obama administration.

For evidence of why we should not take this bunch as too principled, wait until the Obama tax hikes hit the lower tier of the cultural elite. (Not all are in the Kerry class — and even Kerry, remember, felt, for all his tax talk, that he could not quite resist skipping out on a $500,000 tax bite on his yacht.)

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Soon we shall read sophisticated and contorted reasoning how and why a Manhattan or Chevy Chase $500,000 a year income is not that much when one has to buy a brownstone, or send Buffy to Sidwell Friends (cf. the Michelle “raise the bar” trope of 2008). Remember, there will be no IRS law that says those who voted for Obama do not get hit with 40% on their upper bracket income, or can opt out on the health care surcharge, or can get out of California’s or New York’s 10% state tax (will there be an article soon suggesting those who live in such caring, high-tax blue states already do enough for world justice so as to be exempt from the new federal tax hikes?), or can receive exemption from the cap on income exposed to FICA taxes being lifted (that will be the largest tax hike in U.S. history)? Is it really fair that a caring and committed progressive in high-tax San Francisco or Manhattan has to pay at the same federal rates as a Neanderthal reactionary in selfish, low-tax Boise or Carson City?

Davis makes the excellent point that the cultural elite of “the Kerry-Edwards-Gore-Kennedy type, multimillionaire liberal politicos, the inherited Big Money, the doyens of the race industry — are now disconnected from material reality. Most have not a clue how hard it is to pump oil out of the ground, grow food, or build a bridge; all such largess is taken as givens, and produced by a money-grubbing distant “they” who like this sort of icky, retrograde work.”

Even Obama never let his hands get dirty. These are the sorts of men (and women, Pelosi comes to mind) that have this Eutopian vision of America knowing that it will never affect them. They have never run a business, met a payroll, or done physical labor. This is really at the root of why we are where we are. The “connected,” the rich, the limo liberal has made policy while they are clueless to how it affects every day hard working Americans.

We should vow, as a people, to never elect anyone (Democrat or Republican) who has not run a business, or at least been employed by a business.

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