The Truth Behind Five Kernels of Corn Can Save America on Thanksgiving

First, I want to express our gratitude from America Resists for your time and input in our projects. This time of year is always a special one for me personally as I reflect upon my immigrant grandparents leaving socialist Germany over 50 years ago to travel to the promise of the American Dream.

My grandfather started a tradition with our family based on the legend of the five kernels of corn. The story goes that the pilgrims were so low on food that by 1623 they were each rationed 5 kernels of corn a day. Whether it is true or not, my grandfather gave this tradition to my father who passed it onto me. Every Thanksgiving, we place five kernels of corn on each plate and use them to count down our five greatest blessings of the past year.

You see to my father and my grandfather, gratitude has been extremely important because it reflects a humility for the abundance that God has bestowed upon our family. Since America’s first president George Washington, all presidents have shown gratitude to deity for a plentiful harvest often in form of a proclamation. : In 2013 we no longer rely on a bountiful harvest as individuals for survival. Most of us get our milk from the refrigerator section in the grocery store instead of a chilly barn out back at 5 in the morning.

This past year I was able to feel the blessings of bounty as my family grew our garden for a second year. : I would look at how large the squash were or how abundant the vegetables were; at times my eyes would tear up. I am not a talented gardener and I knew in those moments that the over abundance from the garden came from a higher power. Along with that abundance came another unexpected feeling; freedom and pride in our work.

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This afternoon I received a letter from Barack Obama’s political action committee. I was curious to read what kind of message they would send for Thanksgiving. This message said nothing about gratitude, independence or pride. It used manipulative language to incite in the individual feelings of dependence, helplessness and guilt. Here’s an excerpt:

Obama email Thanksgiving The Truth Behind Five Kernels of Corn Can Save America on Thanksgiving

Folks, this email is what America Resists is fighting. We are fighting behind the scenes everyday against this message of hopelessness and despair from government. I encourage you to give freely especially when your heart compels you to do so. But additionally, on this Thanksgiving, I ask you to pray to your deity or higher power to show your gratitude for the amazing blessing you had to be born in this nation of overabundance. Pray for the preservation of freedom so that this flow of security can continue. Pray for leaders who can show gratitude and pride in a nation whose people give to the poor at a higher rate than anywhere in the world. Pray to always RESIST being dependent on Government as dependence is the thief of freedom. Pray that Barack Obama and his team at organizing for America will have their hearts swell with gratitude that their emails of vile ingratitude and despair can cease or soften. Pray that Americans will stop cowering under a fear of false poverty stricken dependence but rather become empowered with the wealth of American freedom independence.

It is my personal prayer that God be with you and your family and acquaintances, and to those you love may freedom and gratitude ever flow through their veins.

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