The White House Lied To Us, and The Media Was Complicit

We now know that Ambassador Susan Rice went on all Sunday news shows a week ago and knowingly lied to America by saying the Libyan attack was a protest that went wrong, and NOT a planned terrorist attack. The White House also falsely insisted that it was because of a video on Youtube. Not for a day or two, but for TWO WEEKS. : The White House not only knew within 24 hours of the attacks that it was a planned terrorist attack, they also knew that Al Qaeda was most likely behind the attack.

Here is a timeline of the lies put out by this administration from the Washington Post.

Jake Tapper at ABC News seems to be a lone voice in the liberal wilderness of the MSM, reporting the truth yesterday.

Our government purposefully lied to us about a terrorist attack because it is an election year. Our President also refused to meet with any world leaders at the UN this week, instead choosing to go on Letterman and The View. Even liberal Jon Stewart couldn’t let that one go.

We have known for years that the media is biased. But this goes way beyond that. They are complicit in helping the government lie to the American people. Even as the few journalists left with integrity, like Jake Tapper, were reporting the truth, the rest were glossing it over, and only reporting it in bits and pieces to soften the blow.

What the mainstream media understands is that if they report on a story once, or even twice, it doesn’t really penetrate into the public. If they break it up into a few stories, it doesn’t really add up to the vast majority of Americans. It’s only when a story has “legs” and gets reported on over and over, and then on several different sources and in several different ways, does it finally become a part of what most Americans learn. This is why they spend days and weeks on a video of Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser that they hope will damage him, but trickle out a story about our government lying to us about a terrorist attack that killed our Ambassador and three other Americans.

I challenge you to go to your neighbor or friend, who like most people, work hard and just catch the news at night, and ask them if they know about the Romney video. They will say yes, because the media made sure that penetrated through to everyone. Then ask them if they know our government and the White House lied to us about the Libyan terrorist attack. I’m betting they won’t know the latter.

This is how the media is not only complicit in helping Obama win re-election, but complicit in their own corruption.

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