The Will of the People: America’s Last Best Hope

A terrific video produced by Ben Howe: over at RedState: and is a great reminder that November is coming–and why this midterm election is so critical in solidifying America’s future path.:  The video speaks for itself, but I’d like to stress a couple of key points for those voters who remain undecided and still cling to Obama’s: “hope”: :  lies.

What was originally promised to you during the campaign and reiterated on :  is completely different than what has unfolded the past 21 months.:  Don’t believe me or still undecided, go see for yourself.:  In 2006 and again in 2008, Republicans were taught a lesson by the voters.:  Now, the Democrats must learn the same lesson, including the Blue Dog Democrat sellouts (there are no conservative Democrats).:  They stole your health care, spent your hard earned money for endless crony bailouts, and in the age of Obama more people in America live in poverty.:  Now, it is time for them to learn.:  Call it a teachable moment.

As I see it, the Democrats will lose their majority.:  Period.:  And it has nothing to do with great orator’s ability to communicate–or lack thereof–especially regarding Obamacare.:  Independents and: Republicans, and yes,:  : even Democrats,: :  know that this Congress and president defied their will–which was clearly known–so there was no failure to communicate.:  It was a failure to listen and obey the will of the American people as their elected representatives.: There is no way to sugar-coat the progressive redistributive power grabs legislated by the Democrat Congress with rhetoric or car metaphors.

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November is indeed coming, and if the Democrats: thought 1994 was a beating–triggered by only a tax increase–you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.:  Never underestimate the will of the: :  American people when it comes to protecting their:  : freedom and: :  liberty for themselves,:  : their children, and future generations.:  One day, some of you may even thank us.

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