The Wonders Of Socialized Medicine

There are always people on the left who can’t wait to tell you sweet, sweet, lies about how wonderful socialized medicine is. But there is no free lunch folks. Not only will the money still have to be paid somehow, you’ll be forced to endure the same sort of customer service you now get at the DMV, at your local hospital. Just look at this story from Britain where they already have socialized medicine

“A GRAN made fake blood with crumbled biscuits and cranberry juice to trick her way into hospital for an operation.

Trizka Litton, 62, had waited in agony for seven months for surgery to cure a hernia.

She was desperate after three cancelled admissions — and came up with her fake blood plot.”

If you thought waiting in the emergency room was bad, imagine having to wait through SEVEN MONTHS of agony to get surgery. “Oh, but that would never happen here”. Yeah I’m sure they’d be just as efficient as the INS and as compassionate as the IRS. But back to reality…not only would we have a longer wait to get surgeries under socialized medicine, the quality of care would drop, and healthcare costs on the whole would go up. The government is not, never has been, and never will be as efficient and customer friendly as private industry. So putting the government in charge of our health care could only make things worse.

Thanks to Right Thinking From The Left Coast for finding this story.

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