Fisking German Cabinet Minister Moonbat

Uh-oh, looks like one of those crafy Germans has got the goods of the 9/11 conspiracy!

“A former cabinet minister is drawing huge crowds and stoking the fires of anti-Americanism in Germany with a book arguing that the US government mounted the Sept 11 attacks as part of a plot to win global domination.”

But why, why did we do it?

“Von Bülow, 66, believes that Sept 11 was staged to justify the subsequent wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Oh yeah, we got into a war with the tribesmen in Afghanistan that some people thought could last for years so we could take their rocks. That makes perfect sense. Then we took out Saddam which gave us instant access to all of Iraq’s oil for free…oh wait it didn’t. You mean we still buy oil from them now just like we did before? You mean we’re going to spend 87 billion dollars there this year? It sounds like a real financial windfall for us doesn’t it? What would Von Bülow say to that? Perhaps…

“If what I say is right, the whole US government should end up behind bars,” he says.”

And if you’re wrong a bunch of loopy Germans will buy your book anyway. Luckily for Von Bülow, Germany has more than a few fellow moonbats who love these sorts of tomes…

“(V)on Bülow’s ideas are very popular and polls show a fifth of Germans believe Washington ordered the attacks.

The CIA and September 11, written mainly from internet research, is a besteller, with sales of more than 100,000.”

Internet research huh? There’s nothing more dependable than what people write about conspiracy theories on the net now is there? But like I always say about the Germans, better that they spend their time obsessing over this sort of silliness than launching another blitzkrieg across Europe.

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