More Hate Mail For The Uberblogger Maximus

Ah, I love it when people on the left let the faux compassionate mask slip and show people what they’re really like. Take someone named Teem for example who sent me this email….


From: Teem
To: johnhawkins
Subject: Swine

“You dirty right wing piece of sh*t – you deserve an early death. We, the people of the world, deserve your early death.

Go to hell.”


Then there’s the hate mail I got from Zachary Holladay. He was apparently shaking in terror as he talked about his embarassment at being an American….

From: zachary holladay
To: johnhawkins
Subject: (none)

“I am embarassed to be an American because of morons like you. Your article on apartheid in Africa terrifies me. I am scared because people like you feel that you have no obligation to assist in other countries. Well, guess what? We do. Africa is still suffering from the Age of Imperialism, which is greatly America’s fault. I have to say that I am not proud to be an American thanks to you.”

Hey Zach, if that article terrified you, make sure not to read this one by Kim Du Toit who lived in Africa for over thirty years because it’ll make you weep with terror the way Bill Clinton probably does every time Hillary finds out about his latest girlfriend…


Last but not least, there’s this email from Sean Dinsmore who shows that friends shouldn’t let friends write hate mail while drunk…

From: Sean Dinsmore
To: johnhawkins
Subject: shut the f*ck up

“i am not smart, but i know bush is pretty much a dictator of our country, and i know i dont want to send my stupid friends to die in iraq. my parents are rich so i got no worry of going to fight, similar to how bush got into office[@sshole]. unfortunately for bush, i am smart, as well as drunk right now, but even if i am drunk i can read his lies and stories he propagates in order to boost order for violence. My message is f*ck the left, f*ck the righ, f*ck war, it solves nothing, except who gets the cheapest oil contact….. mutha f*cka, if i ever see you, expect a nutshoot, @sshole”


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