Cripple Your Economy With Kyoto And Then We’ll Get Serious

I was reading an article about global on Reuters and a particular phrase they used to describe the Kyoto Protocol really jumped out at me. I even emphasized it so it would be easier to spot…

“I don’t think a negative decision on Kyoto would be in Russia’s interest overall,” Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, told Reuters.

President Vladimir Putin backed away last month from Russian promises to ratify soon the 1997 Kyoto Protocol limiting emissions of greenhouse gases, saying he was undecided about its benefits. He joked that rising temperatures might save Russians money on fur coats.

“Simplistic assumptions that climate change would help Russian agriculture and make that extremely cold country warmer are scientifically erroneous,” Pachauri said. “The impacts of climate change on Russia could be quite complex.”

…Pachauri called on Russia to join 119 other nations that have ratified Kyoto as a first step to reining in climate change, ranging from rising sea levels to more powerful storms.”

Then later in the article we see…

“Kyoto, a tiny first step towards reining in climate change, will only enter into force if nations accounting for 55 percent of the developed world’s emissions sign up. So far, ratification has reached 44 percent.”

For years we’ve had environmentalist whackos telling us that the Kyoto Protocol was the only thing that could save the planet from frying like an egg on the sidewalk of Baghdad in the middle of summer because of global warming.

But when conservatives pointed out that if even if the assumptions behind Kyoto were correct — which is a huge “if” by the way — it wouldn’t work because nature, not man, is the major source of greenhouse gasses, we were ridiculed, mocked, poo-poo’d, and told we should just listen to the scientists (as if they all think Kyoto is worthwhile).

But now that only Russia’s signature is needed to bring Kyoto into effect, the solution to the problem has turned into “a tiny first step”. In fact, I’d bet that it would be such “a tiny first step” that no one would even notice that it was having any effect at all. It’s funny how that worked out isn’t it?

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