U.S. Unilaterally Persuades U.N. to Approve Resolution By Scott Ott

In a move that critics are calling “another act of cowboy unilateralism” the Bush administration has persuaded the United Nations Security Council to approve a resolution calling for international cooperation to rebuild Iraq.

Democrats in Congress immediately slammed the President for “this new go-it-alone gambit” which resulted in a 15-0 vote of the Security Council.

“Bush still hasn’t learned that multilateralism is the only way to world peace,” said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-MA, who plans to vote against the President’s request for $87 billion in Iraq reconstruction funds. “Until the administration genuinely changes course, I cannot in good conscience vote to fund a failed policy that endangers our troops in the field and our strategic objectives in the world.”

Mr. Kennedy added, “This 15-0 vote is another act of cowboy unilateralism just like the 15-0 vote on Resolution 1441 last year. Next thing you know, Mr. Bush will be wanting U.N. to take action to back up the resolution.”

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***Update #1***: The first comment in this thread from spidly was so good I thought it deserved to be posted on the main page…

“With a 15-0 vote it is now official that the “reconstruction” is a unilateral occupation against international law and with no international support.”

Lol, that’s just too funny…

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