There Is Always A Silver Lining

Who said great news can’t come out of a bad economy?

As The New York Times reported yesterday, the ACLU this year, largely without warning, lost its single largest source of funding as a result of the financial crisis. The loss of that individual donor, who had been contributing $20 million per year, was a major blow to the organization, “punching a 25 percent hole in its annual operating budget and forcing cutbacks in operations.” That loss came on top of substantial fundraising losses last year from the financial crisis and the Madoff fraud, which had already forced the group to lay-off numerous employees and cut back substantially on its activities. The lost donor made clear yesterday that he continues to support the ACLU’s work emphatically but is simply now financially unable to continue his support.

Of course Mr. Glenn Greenwald is practically weeping over this.: He believes the ACLU has done so much for liberty. But the truth is that the ACLU has done more to harm this country than probably any other leftwing organization. The American Civil Liberties Union is based upon a noble purpose. But it’s radical interpretation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is antithetical to the United States.: It is: today perpetuated by socialists (and, yes, communists): : and is an arm of the radical left.: Their claim of being non-partisan is a joke. The ACLU has done nothing but : attempt to reform American society according to the ideals of liberalism. They have thrown in a few token conservative cases so they can say they are impartial, but it’s laughable. We are all aware of who they are and what they want to accomplish.

Maybe now with this, their goals will diminish. We can only hope.

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