These are the thugs that George Galloway celebrates

First, it’s interesting to see how the BBC labelled these terrorist thugs in the headline:

Gunmen kill Iraq school teachers

“Gunmen” eh? Ok.

The article goes on to report:

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Gunmen in Iraq have killed five school teachers – all Shias – at a school near Iskandariya, south of Baghdad.

A police spokesman said the gunmen had arrived at the school in two civilian cars, and led the five teachers and a school driver out before shooting them.

Some reports said pupils had witnessed the murder, but police denied this.

Sunni Iraqi insurgents have recently intensified their attacks on police and US-led occupation troops, but school teachers have not been targeted.

Does one even have to wonder what George Galloway, Respect MP from the UK, thinks about this senseless terrorist attack? Why, no – he very likely sees at as ‘normal’ and part of the ‘brave resistance’. One only needs to look at recent quotes from Mr. Galloway to realize this. From a recap of the Galloway vs. Hitchens debate held at the Baruch College Performing Arts Center in NYC on Sept 14:

[Hitchens] took issue with Mr Galloway’s anti-war credentials. “To hear him speak you would think – would you not? – that he was a pacifist, that he defines himself as anti-war. Now how can this be said in good conscience by someone who has just, standing by the side of the dictator of Syria on the 30th of July, referred to the 154 heroic operations conducted in Iraq by the so-called resistance?”

Mr Galloway’s comments following his visit to Syria were among his most controversial. He told al-Jazeera: “The Iraqi resistance is not just defending Iraq. They are defending all the Arabs and they are defending all the people of the world from American hegemony.”

He added, speaking to Arab News Broadcasting: “Most of the operations which they carry out are against the occupying forces and their collaborators and this is normal in every liberation struggle.”

And he told Syrian television: “Two of your beautiful daughters are in the hands of foreigners: Jerusalem and Baghdad. The foreigners are doing to your daughters as they will. The daughters are crying for help and the Arab world is silent. Some of them are collaborating with the rape of these two beautiful Arab daughters. Why? Because they are too weak and too corrupt to do anything about it.”

Hard to believe there are actually people out there who believe this nonsense. Why do traitors like George Galloway (who was kicked out of the Labour party in the UK for calling on the ‘insurgents’ to rise up against British troops in Iraq) garner so much respect from the ‘peace movement’ not just in this country but abroad as well? Could it have anything to do with him being against the hope of western-style democracy in Arab countries, a type of democracy that (along with oil for food profits) has served to see that his right to spew his anti-US/UK venom is protected by the blood, sweat, and tears of the US, UK and coalition partners in wars fought in this century and centuries past? Does the man even understand the word irony? How ironic is it that we have a guy who encourages the enemy to rise up against his fellow countrymen who are serving in Iraq, who slams the noble mission they are fighting with his ridiculous statements (which no doubt gives the enemy encouragement to fight again another day) and it’s these same UK soldiers who have fought for his right so encourage the ‘insurgency’ to rise up and kill them! Same same for the Mike Moore types here. Why they are given any credibility at all is beyond me, but then again, I’ve never been so consumed by hate for a president of this country that I’ve given in to supporting those who only weaken it with their hateful, and shameful rhetoric.

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