Watching With Bloggers

I went to a free blogger screening of the movie Serenity tonight, as did Daniel Drezner.

Drezner found that the geek quotient was high at his screening– higher than the average quotient for LOTR and Star Wars openings.

When I got to the theater, there was a line of about 20 people waiting to be squeezed into the few seats left in the theater. They filled the place to the brim, but I think most everyone in the line got in. I was glad I was a party of one. The young lady checking people in said some folks had been in line for hours.

Despite my deplorable sci-fi/Serenity/Firefly illiteracy, I enjoyed the movie. I’m writing a review of it later in the week for Townhall, but the action was good and the dialogue was pretty great. I’d heard Joss Whedon was a good writer, but I never watched Buffy or Angel (no one throw anything at me!), so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

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I wasn’t let down. Every time I thought the movie was veering into tired, typical action-movie banter, Whedon would pull it out. I think he was messing with me. Much more clever than the average Hollywood action flick, and a cute leading man with a decent Southern accent to boot.

I was happy, and a couple of hours of spaceship battles on the big screen always makes driving my car back home more fun. The ol’ Civic’s got no missiles, but she handles well. (who’s the geek now, right?)

There were one or two underdeveloped relationships in the plot, but all in all, there’s enough here to keep fans and non-fans happy. It got applause and some huge laughs from the Firefly fans in the audience tonight.

And, I forgot to introduce myself earlier today, so I’m Mary Katharine, and I blog over at Townhall. I like Georgia football, fiscal conservatives with backbone, and long walks on the beach (or at least as long as it takes to get to the fresh seafood and hushpuppies).

Big thanks to John for having me. It’s a pleasure and privilege to post with all the guest-bloggers and Patton, of course.

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