They’ll be using the buddy system to go to the bathroom at Baraboo’s upcoming Open Carry Picnic.

Saturday, September 25: there’s going to be an Open Carry picnic in West Baraboo*, Wisconsin. Just down the road from here. Those of you who find firearms frightening – you may want to stay inside that day. Doors locked. Blinds drawn. Huddled quietly in the corner with the “9” and the “1” already dialed and your finger hovering over the “1” again, just in case.

I suppose you’ll have armed yourself with…um…well, maybe you’ve got a Nerf bat handy.

But don’t worry too much. If you can’t stay inside all day, you will be able to use the bathrooms:

Gun-toting participants at the upcoming open firearms carry picnic will have to disarm themselves before using the bathrooms in West Baraboo’s Haskins Park, village officials heard Thursday.

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The event’s organizer is cooperating with the legal requirement and village officials don’t expect any problems or disturbances.

During the village board’s regular meeting attorney, Mark Steichen noted both the village ordinances and state law prohibit the carrying of firearms in public buildings. When that law is applied to the Sept. 25 picnic organized by advocates of the right to carry unconcealed firearms in public, the park’s restrooms are public buildings where open carry is prohibited, though the open-sided picnic pavilion is not, he said.

“Is that what’s really in mind for security, probably not, they’re probably thinking of schools and courthouses” Steichen said. “But that’s the way the law reads.”

Well, that’s got to be awkward, anyway, going to the bathroom while wearing a full holster. Please note: this isn’t a case of local officials being overly officious. It’s a case of unintended consequences stemming from a law that was written for a specific purpose.

Legislators, it seems, aren’t all-knowing. Go figure.

Still, not that it’ll happen at this event, but wouldn’t this make an interesting Second Amendment test case? I wonder what the press would call it.

* Not to be confused with Baraboo, Wisconsin.

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