This Puts Clinton Into Perspective Doesn’t It?

This Puts Clinton Into Perspective Doesn’t It?: I know a lot of people were concerned about having someone with Bill Clinton’s character running the show. But it could be worse, much worse. Take Elagabus, a 14 year old “hereditary priest of the Syrian Sun god, Elagabal” who ruled the Roman Empire from 218-222 AD. Not only did he try “to compel the Romans to worship Elagabal as their supreme deity,” but he engaged in “sexual practices” that made Bill Clinton look like the pope…

“Leaving aside the number of his marriages (five in three years). he was a cross-dresser who reportedly frequented smarmy clubs where he prostituted himself in drag. He fell in love with and “married” a slave who was allowed to beat his “wife” (the emperor). He sought out the possibilities of a sex-change operation from doctors.”

Eventually, the Romans lost their patience with Elagabalus and found and killed him and his mother in a latrine. Then they dragged their bodies through the streets and tossed them in the Tibur river.

That story makes a stained blue dress and an impeachment trial look pretty tame by comparison, huh?

I got that story from the The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Roman Empire.

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