This Story About Bush Should Be True Even If It Isn’t

I ran across the following story told by Brett Stephens in an excellent Jerusalem Post article called “Meet Richard Perle” and it was so cool that I thought it deserved a wider audience….

“There’s a story told about Bush’s visit to the World Trade Center, right after the attack.

He was chatting with some hard hats, and he looked at this one guy and said, “What can I do for you?”

And the man said, “Help the widows and orphans.”

And Bush said, “No, what can I do for you?”

And the man said, “You go find whichever m–f– did this and you kill him and his wife and his mother and his children and his dog and everyone who so much as served him a cup of coffee.”

And Bush said, “You won’t be disappointed.”

I don’t know whether that story is true, but it would be great if it was. Someone send this over to Snopes and maybe they can dig into it and find out…

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