This Week in Automotivators, October 31-November 6

UPDATE – links fixed. Sorry about that.

Click the links. There will be a few more than usual this week, and a few more than usual leading back to one of my own posts. Sorry. It was just that kind of week.

Photo link: Grandpa Steve, Go there to find out who those people are (hint: I shouldn’t really make fun of some of them – others, you betcha), and then click here to see what prompted all this.

Link: The Other McCain.

Link: TrogloPundit, and then click here to see this one:

Link: Pundette.

The link for that one is here. Additional hint: that’s the second family picture in this post.

Link: TrogloPundit. Also: vague movie reference.

Link: Daily Caller.

Don’t blame me, man. this one’s on Tam.


Link: TrogloPundit.


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