Three-year-old girl shot after road rage driver OPENED FIRE on family car

Three-year-old girl shot after road rage driver OPENED FIRE on family car

6.8 million crashes occur each year as a result of aggressive driving. Today, over 13,000 cases of road rage are reported every year, that doesn’t even begin to account for the number of people who decided not to report an incident. ‘Road ragers’ shot a three-year-old girl in the leg as she traveled in her family’s car in South Houston.

leah shot by road rager

In what police are calling an incident of road rage, a driver opened fire on the family car on Saturday night around 10:30pm. Little Leah was a passenger in the back of her mother and father’s SUV along with her one-year-old brother. As the family of four drove down south Allen-Genoa near Avenue A, they noticed a car weaving between the lanes. Fearful the driver was drunk and could cause an accident, Leah’s father, who was driving, sped up to overtake the swerving driver.

‘They just thought they would pass it up on suspicion that this may have been a drunk driver,’ South Houston Police Chief Herbert Gilbert told KTRK. Leah’s father says that as he tried to pull away from the erratic driver, he fired three shots that hit the car just inches from where the children were sitting. As Leah’s father tried to speed away, the other driver pulled level with the family and fired off five more shots. KRTK reports that the rear window of the family’s SUV shattered as the bullets hit. Another hit the steering wheel, and another hit three-year-old Leah, grazing her leg.

The shooter then sped away from the scene. The traumatized family is now rallying around Leah, who spent her Easter in the hospital receiving treatment, instead of hunting for chocolate eggs like most three-year-olds. Police are now searching for the suspect, whose reckless action could have killed the family.

‘We do have word that there may have been other witnesses and we do want to reach out to those witnesses,’ said Chief Herbert. ‘Please have them come forward.’

According to witnesses, the suspect was driving a white car with rims on it.

Over a seven year period, 218 murders and 12,610 injuries were attributed to road rage. If you come across someone driving erratically on the road… just stay clear and never take matters into your hands and inform the authorities.


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