“…to Senator Russ we bid a fond adieu.”

Hey, man, don’t get cocky!

The quote in the title is Allahpundit, commenting on this:

That’s Republican candidate Ron Johnson trending up, while Democrat incumbent Russ Feingold trends down.

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Don’t get cocky, man. Don’t.

Allahpundit writes:

Is the DSCC going to have to pull the plug on more ad money for Wisconsin and leave Feingold for dead? Sestak is now within three of Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, so there’s a winnable race they could spend on instead. And thanks to Linda McMahon and John Raese, they’re being forced to sink big dollars into states they never expected would be contested. Resources are limited, so it’s triage time. Time to leave Russ on the battlefield?

No! Do not get cocky! Stop it! Stop it now!

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