‘Tommy’ 35th Anniversary Screening

The screening was yesterday, so yeah, a little late on getting to this, “Tommy 35th Anniversary Screening: Film Based on The Who’s Classic Rock Opera.” But it’s worth it at least for some Saturday night music jams:

Also, an e-mail interview at LAT, “Pete Townshend Discusses Filming ‘Tommy’“:

With an electrifying score by Pete Townshend including “Pinball Wizard,” “I’m Free” and “See Me, Feel Me” and transcendent performances, the Who’s seminal 1969 rock opera “Tommy” shook the foundations of the music industry.

Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Murray Lerner (“From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China”) recalls that “Tommy” was a “mesmerizing” experience for those who saw it and felt it four decades ago.

Friday evening, Lerner will be hosting the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 35th anniversary screening at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, which features a new digital cinema presentation with the original Quintaphonic soundtrack. “Tommy” was the only film ever produced in that stereophonic sound system.

Russell, who is now 82, may be known for his excessive hand on screen, but he’s a man of few words when reached over the phone in England about the event. Lerner will be discussing the film with the veteran filmmaker.

When asked to explain Quintaphonic, Russell simply replied, “It was a new kind of stereo. It was rather unique.”

On how he came up with the way to shoot a rock opera: “I discovered how to shoot it. It was fairly easy.”

The Who’s Townshend, who received an Oscar nomination for scoring and adapting the music for the film, was much more reflective in an e-mail interview …

Follow the link for Townshend’s comments.

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MUSICAL EXTRA: PA Pundits International, “Sunday Music — It’s All Over Now Baby Blue — The Bob Dylan Series (Part 7).”

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