Top 10 Again At Townhall & I Did Captain Ed’s Radio Show + An Internet Radio Show Of My Own?

* My column at Townhall last week, Republicans Really Are the Stupid Party, made it into the top 10.

It was in the 7 slot, just behind Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter. That’s the 2nd week in a row I’ve made it into the top 10, but a third week in a row will probably be beyond my grasp because I, like 354354354353543 other people, am writing about the Senate’s illegal immigration bill and when you have that many people writing about a topic, it dampens the hits.

* Yesterday, I also did a full hour on Ed Morrissey’s internet radio show and we talked mostly about immigration, with a little 2008 politics thrown in. It was an interesting show because Ed favors comprehensive immigration, although he’s not a big fan of this bill, and so we got to go back and forth on the issues a bit.

You can listen to it here.

* Also, I am toying with the idea of doing an internet radio show of my own over at Blogtalkradio, as an experiment, maybe for a month or so. I think it would be mostly interviews, roundtables, and quasi political topics that are different than what I cover on Right Wing News.

Would you listen to me on the radio? Go ahead and be honest, because I can tell you that the demographic surveys and hit counts I’ve seen tell me that at least 90% of you don’t dig online radio and podcasts.

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