Tossing Kerry Into The Slammer?

I received an email from someone named John Damon. Apparently he sent it to Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly, Brit Hume, and other “high profile defenders of the American way of life” — like yours truly! While I was certainly flattered by that high praise, I must admit that I found Mr. Damon’s suggestions to be a bit — uh, what’s the most diplomatic way to put this — how about nutty and reminiscent of 1930’s style fascism? Here’s the crux of Mr. Damon’s missive…

“…Rather than worry about holding the two “K’s” (Kennedy & Kerry) accountable for “book-keeping” errors, since they are leading the defeat of America effort, both should be immediately arrested, charged with murder and imprisoned without bail or access to the Dans, Toms, Peters, Katies, Andreas, and Babs of the bleeding heart circuit….

…K number one, Teddy the swimmer, is— at the VERY LEAST— guilty of murder by leaving the scene of an accident and successfully, with the help of the ever present, ever supportive media, covered it up. Worried about his political career while a young woman drown to death in his car with his full knowledge.

K number two, is a confessed murderer of innocents, non-combatants, women & children during his medal gathering foray in Viet Nam and testified to such to the congress (small “c” used purposely, small people). He cannot fall back on the war is hell excuse, Lt Calley was prosecuted for his crimes in Viet Nam, and his crimes, regrettable and terrible as they were, pale by the side of the treason of the Snake.

Both murderers should be arrested immediately, not a lot of editorials, talking heads, pundits hand wringing and pc over their possible guilt or involvement, but arrested and put in jail. Yes, it is pure folly to wish for this, but the average citizen would long ago have been serving time or executed for such crimes, only the “K’s” elitist standing allows them to be treated as patriots when they are the worst of traitors….

This is not something to be debated, Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly et al should be DEMANDING the arrest and punishment of these two traitors every day forcefully. And Bush cannot hurt himself in the least by having them imprisoned and prosecuted, and brought to justice by the American people who they have betrayed. As it is now, no matter what Bush does, he is blamed anyway. He should have “anticipated” 9/11 and acted. He should not have pre-empted Iraq.”

Why that’s a splendid idea! We’ll just arrest the Democrat’s candidate for President and his more conservative fellow Senator from Massachusetts for 30 year old crimes and slap them in jail =) And I love this quote, “Bush cannot hurt himself in the least by having them imprisoned and prosecuted” — really? =) So he doesn’t think there would be anyone hollering if Bush had Kerry tossed in the hoosegow? Perhaps he thinks that if anyone did complain we could just toss them in a gulag for “supporting traitors”. This guy is like a cartoon — a Democratic Underground version of what conservatives are like. That’s why I did a Google search for “John Damon” and found out — are you ready for this — well, not much honestly. This guy appears to some random kook who hates Kerry. But hey, slapping Kerry in jail? Woooo, what a wacko….

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