U.S. Prosecutor Recuses Himself in James O’Keefe Case

At Fox News, “U.S. Attorney Steps Down From O’Keefe Case.” (Via Memeorandum.) Also, from the Times-Picayune, “U.S. Attorney Jim Letten Recuses Himself From Landrieu Phone Tampering Case.” (Via Patterico.)

Also, James O’Keefe’s interview on Hannity, “The People’s Office.”

Meanwhile, Marcy Wheeler keeps it up with the sexualized slanders, “TeaBugger Victimology.” And you gotta notice the dishonesty here. For example:

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You know, several days ago I was willing to dismiss this as a stupid juvenile prank. But given the increasing concern that the perpetrators are showing—and their increasingly dubious stories—I’m convinced it merits a closer look.

Well, that’s obvoiusly not true, eh, Marcy? See, “Leftists Allege Breitbart Behind Landrieu Office Arrests.” And it’s not a bugging case, either.

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