Uh Oh: Abrupt Climate Change Killed Vikings

What we are supposed to infer from the article, of course, is that Mankind’s use of fossil fuels is going to heat up the planet so much that Mankind, along with all the cute and fuzzy bunnies, hell, all life on Earth, will be wiped out. Then it gets sciencey

New scientific evidence supporting a long-standing theory that abrupt : climate change probably doomed Greenland’s Norse settlements about 650 : years ago may also explain why most Canadians today are not speaking : Danish and celebrating their Viking ancestry.

The study by a : group of researchers from Denmark, Germany and Norway used samples of : marine sediment from Greenland’s west coast to reconstruct a picture of : the giant island’s climate over the past 1,500 years. Their findings : showed that when Scandinavian settlers led by Eric the Red first : established colonies on Greenland in 985, the west coast around : present-day Disko Bay – located just 400 kilometres east of Baffin : Island across the Davis Strait – was relatively warm and conducive to : the farming life the settlers favoured.

The Norse continued to inhabit their Greenland settlements for at least 350 more years, with evidence documented from Baffin Island by Canadian archeologist Pat Sutherland suggesting sporadic contact between Greenlandic Norse traders and the Dorset culture, ancient aboriginals who were later overrun – probably before 1400 – by the eastward-migrating Thule ancestors of modern Inuit.

They were very good farmers, but didn’t invest much in hunting, whaling, or raising livestock. So, when the massive heat hit, and the seas rose 30 feet in two weeks, because they failed to invest in bird killing wind turbines and mercury laden light bulbs, along with a failure to properly inflate their cart wheels, globull warming killed them off…..oh, wait

But around that same time, the European researchers have concluded in a study published in the journal Boreas, a prolonged stretch of cold weather on Greenland appears to have led to the demise of the Norse settlements there. And any chance of a renewed effort by the Scandinavian seafarers to colonize Canada disappeared with them.

“Our study shows a major shift towards cooler conditions and extensive sea-ice which coincides with the estimated time for the collapse of the western settlement in AD 1350,” University of Copenhagen geologist Sofia Ribeiro said in a summary of the new study.

Said cooler period lasted for around 500 years, before the Earth warmed back up, dooming us all!!!!!!

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