Understatement of the Year.

Understatement of the Year.

The story, via Greg Sargent:

This is absolutely brutal: Massachusetts Dems have dropped a mail piece accusing GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown of wanting hospitals to turn away “all” rape victims.

…The mailer – paid for by the Massachusetts Democratic Party – says the claim is based on “a law to let emergency hospitals turn away rape victims in need of emergency contraception.” That appears to be a reference to a Brown-sponsored 2005 amendment that would have exempted hospital personnel, on religious grounds, to inform victims of the availability of the morning after pill.

Here’s pictures, also from Sargent:

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Sargent writes:

…the whole debate seems to be more nuanced than the mailer suggests.

The word “understatement” doesn’t quite capture the complete insufficiency of that sentence. That mailer an ugly lie. Shockingly dishonest.

And who, exactly, will it convince? Will people really believe that? That Scott Brown wants hospitals to turn rape victims away? Or will they be disgusted by what is so obviously pulled…not just from the mud at the bottom of the river. No, they had to dig through the mud and into a sewer line for this one.

But somebody obviously thinks this will work. Someone in the Democratic Party thinks this is a winning tactic. So…I dunno. Maybe somebody who knows very little about the race – honestly undecided voters, maybe those people who don’t even know right now whether they will vote on Tuesday – maybe something like this might alter perceptions, just a little, and turn people away from Brown when the moment arrives?

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